Huawei Wireless Quick Charger is now available exclusively on Amazon

Huawei today announced 15W Huawei Wireless Charger in India. It will be available exclusively on Amazon India. This is one of the fastest wireless chargers right now. Most of the wireless charger that is available comes with 10W capacity, but Huawei’s wireless charger comes with 15W capacity. This helps in charging your smartphone wirelessly with fast charging capability.

The only wireless charger that has better output than Huawei is Meizu’s Super mCharge Wireless that was announced yesterday along with its new smartphone Meizu Zero. The Huawei Wireless Charger comes with a Foreign Object Detection which helps to turn off automatically when metal objects like keys, coins, and other metal objects are placed to avoid overheating. It has an LED Indicator to show the charging status in real time.

The Huawei’s wireless charger is also compatible with non-metal smartphone cases with less than or equal to 5mm. The charger comes with safety protection that helps in automatically adjusting a power output according to ambient temperature and real-time battery percentage. It has a Soft and comfortable unibody silicon surface, which both protects your phone and prevents it from falling.

The Wireless Quick Charger is now available on Amazon for Rs 3,999(US$ 56.11). Buy Now:- Amazon

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